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[This is Duo.

This is Duo on his birthday.

This is Duo spinning around in an office chair at the teashop, singing to himself.]

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me~

[he stops]

Is it wrong me to want to snag a cupcake from the case and put a candle on it?
[you know something's off when Duo starts his posts with an awkward cough and a quiet voice.

Thankfully this is successfully locked to Q and Al, so no one else can hear how weird he sounds.]

... 'ey. You two. ... got any time to come to the tea shop?
[Duo turns his video feed on and sits back, holding a rather large and very curious looking puppy in his lap. The dog's head is tilted to the side a bit, looking at the D-Comm.]

Hey everyone. Say hello to my new buddy.

[he takes one of the puppy's massive paws and waves it at the screen like a dork]

Q and I found 'im out in the snow right after it all dropped. He was half starved, but got a bit of food in 'im and he was right as rain. Hyper guy, too. But he's a good pup. Ain'tcha?

[he smiles and rubs the puppy's head, getting a happy tail wag and panting for it]

Problem is, I kinda suck a names... I was thinkin' Blackie?

[the puppy barks, making Duo laugh]

He seems to like it. Any thoughts? I mean he's got a lot of colors, but that don't mean he can't be called Blackie, right?

[another bark, and Duo just grins and keeps petting]

Anyway... Su and Q are sick, so they won't be back to work for a while. [smirks] Q got all excited 'bout the snow on his birthday, and now they're in bed with pneumonia, Guess they're payin' the price now. Don't worry, though. I'm takin' care of them as much as I can. They'll be over it soon enough.

[the puppy gets tired of this and turns, jumping up on Duo and licking his face]

Ack! Okay, okay, I'll play! Just calm down!

[Duo is on his way home, carrying a few bags with his D-Comm out, a big grin on his face.]

HEY QUATRE! Happy birthday, buddy! Sorry, I'm gonna be a bit late gettin' home but as soon as I'm there we can go out with Su to your birthday di--


There is now a Duo buried in snow.]

... th' hell... damnit, god tree! Augh! ... make that... a lot late, Q...

[Fire Twenty Eight] : [Accidental Video]

(ooc: Purple is Yuri, Blue is Repede. Used with permission, of course. And Dark Red is Finn.)

[Duo's face is farily close to the camera, with a curious, thoughtful expression. He's got a red bandana on his head, and appears to be outside. He doesn't seem to be aware that he turned the video function on, and is quiet for quite a while, apparently looking at at something on his comm. He does speak, finally, but its to himself and almost too quiet to hear.]

... user not found... guess she finally went home...

[he lets out a pent up breath, scratching at his forehead with a frown, like he's not quite sure how to feel about what he's found. Finn lands on his shoulder, but whatever Duo was looking at is quickly taken off the screen.]

What'cha lookin' at, brah?

Nothin'. [totally forced smile]

Don't look like nothin'.

[Duo waves his hand, trying to dismiss it]

It's nothing, man.

Fiiine fine don't tell me nothin'. I see how it is.

Don't be an ass, Finn.

[Yuri's voice interrupts them from off screen]

Hey! Duo! We starting or what?

Shit... yeah! Coming!

Hurry up, or you're doing more laps!


Aw, come on man!

Clock's ticking, Duo~

[Duo rolls his eyes and finally pockets his comm, causing a bit of an oddly angled video before it shuts off.]

[Fire Twenty Seven] : [Video]

[Duo is looking a hundred times better than he was the last time anyone saw him - hair properly braided, clothes clean and pressed, all those things that make a person look halfway normal. He's not really smiling, but he certainly doesn't look depressed, either.

Anyone who knows him, though, will notice a hint of something... off in his eyes, but he's doing well to hide it.

In the background the teashop can be seen, so he's obviously back at work. Just behind him to the right, Sam and Kentarou are standing, with Sam tossing something at Kentarou who is trying to catch the objects with his mouth, hands behind his back.

Duo, so far, hasn't noticed them.]

So, first day back at work. Been pretty slow day today, though. Got a couple of hours before closing, if anyone wants to come in for a snack or coffee before they head home.

Before anyone asks, though, I'm fi--

Ow! You got my eye!

Well, learn to catch better, Ken!

[Duo turns around finally. Kentarou has a hand over his eye, and Sam is just waiting with a hand on her hip impatiently.]

... do I even want to know what you two are doing?

I'm catching mints!


We're bored.

[Duo stares at them for a few seconds before finally turning back around and shaking his head, hand to his forehead.]

Just make sure Kentarou doesn't lose an eye, okay... ?


Will do, Maxwell-san!

[and they resume playing, while Duo just gives up on the video post and turns it off]

((ooc: Kentarou, Sam, and Duo can all respond to this post if people address them.))
I went and saw Allen... ... well, Quatre practically dragged me to the hospital to see him.

He's doing better. Still not sure when he's going to be out, but... improvement is better than nothing, right?

Estelle... I am so, so sorry I deserted you like that... there's no excuse for my behavior. Please, tell me there's some way I can make it up to you...
[Duo is in his bedroom at the apartment he shares with Suoh, Quatre, and Nokoru, though it seems to be empty save for him at the moment. He's in a rumpled teeshirt, on his bed with his crutches in view against the wall near by. His hair is in a loose pony tail rather than his usual braid, and he looks a little groggy, like he just woke up.]

Alright... I gotta come clean about some things... 'cause I know I left a lot of facts out about what happened at the shop the other day...

Yeah, I baited Jake. He didn't just attack me out of the blue. I saw his stupid gloating post on the network and I lost whatever sense of reason I had. I knew I shouldn't have talked to him at all, but I was just so pissed off...

And yeah, I can probably blame the virus on some of that, but virus or not I should have had a lot more tact than that. I basically told him to come get me.

It was stupid, real stupid of me... but I did try to keep other people from getting involved. The only reason Estelle was there at all was because she came back for something right in the middle of it. Truth is, though, if she hadn't... I probably would have killed him. My leg is a fucking mess now because of it, but I guess that's better than killing some one who really needs to be locked up rather than gettin' the easy way out...

I feel like a total ass, and I take responsibility for the whole damn thing. Jinx, boss... I'll pay for the repairs. All of them. Yuri, you can punch me if you want, I deserve it...

[Fire Twenty Four]: [Video] [Morning]

[typical day in the tea shop, though why Duo's D-Comm is recording is anyone's guess.

Estelle comes walking by, and Duo stops her.]

Hey, Estelle! Put this on. [gives her outfit. yes, those are cat ears sitting on top]

Is this the new uniform? [looks at, smiling] Oh, it's so cute!

Yup! Brand new for Feburary. Go on, you'll look cute in it.

Okay! I'll be right back! [rushes off for a few moments to go put the outfit on, comes back out with it, missing the ears] How does it look?

You need the ears, too.

Oh, right ... [goes back, gets the ears, puts them on.] Okay. Now how is it?

[thumbs up] Perfect! I bet Yuri will love it. [grinning like a dope]

[Estelle is not making any correlation between kitty ears and Yuri, but blushing nonetheless] D-Duo ... what does Yuri liking it have to do with anything?

Oh. Nothing. [grins again, trying to shut the comm sitting on the counter off, hoping she doesn't notice] Just... making conversation. That's all.

Right, right ... I should get back to work, shouldn't I? Talk to you later! [waves and goes off to work]

Yup! Bye! [oh there's that button. Cut, print, send. Estelle in cat ears now on the network.]

((ooc: Estelle used with permission from Taconee. :3 ))
[Filtered to Estelle and Ahime]

Hey kid, I hate to do this to ya but I really need you and Ahime to cover the shop. Something... something's come up and I gotta be out, probably for a couple of days...


[Locked to Allen]

We need to go to Megakat Auto in a while. Trust me, Rei is gonna need you. ... I kinda think I do, too.


[Locked to Quatre]

Going to Allen's for a couple of days. I'll explain more later. Gonna come by the house and pick up a few things before I go.


[Filtered to Jinx]

Bosslady, something's come up. Got the girls watching the shop, but I need a couple of days at least. Sorry for the short notice. Shit's kinda hittin' the fan.



Anyone got any really good alcohol they might be okay with partin' with? I seriously think I'm gonna need some tonight...


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